Seek God and not self importance

Seek God and not self importance

Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Many Christians are seeking self-importance these days and their determinations is "we will do it till the last breath" what a dedication! If they would have had half of the dedication to follow Christ & trust Him more than self, many lives would have been truly saved through them. They would have surely seen their families as true worshipers but...

But they keep gathering in their churches without any true change in their hearts but seek importance themselves at all times.

Facts do not change until God himself takes over...and that happens only by true dependency on Christ for every small importance.

When you want to make your own place and do not wait on the Lord then actually you never reach where God wants you to reach.

Let the resurrected Christ take over and trust him fully.

God bless

Evangelist Ekta Prabhugaonkar