Teachings of the lord


Jesus as a man on the cross

Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Jesus died on the cross and that was a worse kind of death on the cross. The devil thought that he could do worse things against Jesus but God thought the very best for Jesus. God won the greatest victory on the cross through his son.

Luke chapter 23 tells us that without Jesus we would not have been Christians nor would we have called ourselves as Christians. Many people call themselves Christian without knowing Jesus personally. When a person knows what Jesus did on the cross for him/her then true Christianity begins from there. Luke 23:33 says when they came to the place called calvary, there they crucified him, along with the criminals- one on his right, the other on his left. Jesus was a man, he lived like a man, spoke like a man, had troubles like a man and won everything as a man. Being Jesus it was hard for him. The devil knew that Jesus was waiting to do something great for his people therefore he tried to stop Jesus from doing the things he could do as a man.

Co- relate yourself : Jesus as a man and we as people

Jesus said 7 words on the cross of Calvary. What was the impact on Jesus as a man on the cross?

1. Jesus was facing up with people there:
He died for his people and those very people were saying things against him when he was on the cross, the same kind of people talking about him and were crucifying him. The first thing Jesus said as a man “Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they do” (Luke 23:34) The cross is the place of forgiveness. Forgiveness is what Jesus did on the cross. There are people who hold things in life against others and still do not have a forgiving heart. There are many people struggling with this word forgiveness in their lives but Jesus never struggled with it. We need to check ourselves…the people that we may have not yet forgiven could be our parents, children or somebody in our office or our greatest enemy, or friend. We, human beings like to hold the hurts to ourselves. If we are living in un forgiveness we are living on dangerous grounds. Sometimes we can’t forgive but we need to learn to forgive. We come across many people in our lives that have been a pain for us but we need to forgive them.

Forgiveness shows us where we stand. The world is looking at us for something new and if we forgive we become more like Jesus. Churches are suffering because Christians cannot forgive each other. We as Christians need to reflect God’s character in our lives. When we forgive we become more like Jesus.

2. A man of forgiveness a perfect example was Jesus.

3. He was a man of mission:
He came to save the world when he was on the cross. Instead of thinking of the pain flowing down he was thinking about the ones who were besides him and says to one of them today you will be with me in paradise. He was doing his mission work. His idea was one more soul to take to heaven. Those two robbers were next to Jesus there were given an opportunity and we can say that one is with Jesus in heaven. Our mission must be to take at least one soul to Jesus or someone to heaven.

4. He was a man of full of compassion and love:
He was a man of compassion. When Jesus looked down he saw his mother and also one of his disciples that was John. He said, “Behold your son; Son behold your mother”. When Jesus was on the cross he was a man of communion & a man of relationship. This relationship with the lord was so strong that he found that God was away from him. He longed for such relationship. What if God takes himself away from you? Jesus was always communicating with God. Jesus missed his father.

5. Jesus was a man of humility:
He said I “thirst” He was thirsty for the people that were around him. We need to thirst for the spiritual things that God longs from us.

6. He was a man of destiny:
He gave up his spirit surrendering himself and releasing himself for the victory. We all have a destiny. Where are we going? Heaven… Jesus was a man and knew where he was going. He had a passion and he was alive in himself.

7. He was a man of submission:
Into your hands, I commit my spirit as a Christian how far is our submission. Is our submission right unto death or for five minutes. God wants us to submit fully unto him. The cross of Jesus has a value for all for us. We are born again, we have the Holy Spirit. What Jesus did was he took a towel, basin and water he took the towel tied it around his waist and he went and washed his disciples feet he knelt down before them and washed his feet. Jesus was in other words showing us his submission to the cross. The cross is a place where we should end up making serious decisions.