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Deriving strength from Gods Word

Wednesday, 16 November 2016

There are times when I feel lonely and at times completely helpless but I have an experience to share, and that is calling upon Jesus and reading his word. Doing this brings me back where everything is good and shining like never before. Word of God is true and trust worthy. What may happen, if you put your trust in Jesus, you are going to experience future filled with new blessings and miracles. You will surely experience that every time you will reach a new stage in your life, you will be able to look back and say thank you Jesus.

Put your strength in trusting Jesus for it brings victory in everything you do. Sometimes your victory won’t be seen by men but in heaven it’s recorded. As you keep reading continuously, your spirit gets matured in the knowledge of God. I would say that the maturity of your spirit in the knowledge of God is the biggest victory you can ever attain while being on Earth. Matthew 4:4

Jesus answered,” Scripture says’ a man shall not live on bread alone, but on every word that God speaks.

God’s word gives us strength to live right with wisdom in this World, as well as be obedient to HIM. When the Word of God is given to mankind then it’s up to every individual, how much faith he or she is able to put in believing what is written. It is surely demanding to be able to believe and act according to the Word.

I must tell you, it’s not always easy for a man to do as it is written. It may look very simple but when it comes to doing it, few are even able to read the word every day. Obedience is done by even fewer men living on Earth. I would encourage you to be one of those fewer men. God’s heart is full of kindness and his love for you is much higher than any of your loved one’s or any human being living on Earth. And love of God makes it easy for you to be the one in few and grace of God is abundantly accessed to you in Jesus name. Remember grace was not there before Jesus but now it’s there and grace enables us to do exceedingly above our ability and strength. Grace helps us to win over our worldly desires and makes it very easy for us to spend more time in worship. Grace does give us ability to wait on God for everything we need and not keep running in our own ability. Grace does help us to increase our faith day after day. Secondly reading the word does not mean reading 5 to 10 lines in a day or chapter a day. Real reading means to really be able to spend minimum half an hour of your day in reading, and definitely your goal should be spending more time every day in future.

Do not forget that Jesus said’ a man shall not live on bread alone, but on every word that God speaks. God ‘s Word does demand the sacrifice .

There are definitely times in your life which you are purely wasting on unproductive things each day. Those times should be analyzed by you and then you should start putting those very minutes in your Bible reading. Make it a habit like you eat food; learn to put your thoughts in to what you have read for the day. Then if you do not get anything to learn and you are not able to act accordingly then start spending half an hour in prayers everyday and ask God to help you to understand what you are reading so that you keep growing in the knowledge of God.

Bible reading and prayer actually should go hand in hand but for new believers I have put it in a different way in my above paragraph, this will help to make it easy for everyone, who is new in Christ. You can start reading the Word and then slowly start praying about the things you do not understand. God is a living God and HE takes full responsibility to teach you and make you understand clearly his own will for your life. He does use different people for teaching you, speaking to you and some to help you in your faith and so on…

I am telling you miracles are going to follow along, as God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob is a God of miracles.

Matthew 24:35, Heaven and Earth will pass away, but my words will never pass away.

How can you be benefited by reading the Word of God

First of all it gives you strength to be in the will of Almighty God. As food gives strength to body, Word of God gives strength to your Spirit which is eternal. Spirit of man never dies! It will make your soul to be in hell or in heaven according to Bible.

Choice is in your hand to make, and to live in your choice is also again in your hand. It’s not only about choosing the path but walking in that path is necessary to be able to reach the final destination. Why Jesus said I am the way, the truth and the life?

Many people are focusing only on the truth and the life but they are forgetting to focus on the way. Way means, a path. Why do you think the roads are made? They are made to lead us to our destination, and for reaching the destination one needs to follow the way. Without following the way, no one can reach the destination.

Jesus said my sheep hear my voice and they follow me.

So once you believe in Jesus learn to follow him and that happens by reading the word, learning the word and using the word in your daily life. You can never be perfect till you meet Jesus in rapture and if anyone die’s before the rapture, they will meet Jesus in heaven and will be presented perfect before God the Father.

At the appointed time when you meet Jesus face to face in heaven, you are going to find yourself perfect and complete in the righteousness of Jesus. Till then keep following Jesus along with your weaknesses and you will surely experience the grace of God which will help you to strengthen your weak parts. If you really focus on the grace of God which keeps multiplying as you keep following Jesus, then you will surely keep changing more and more in to the likeness of Jesus. It does not matter how perfect you are each day but what matters to God is your true efforts day after day.

By reading the Word of God, you will always be a gainer on Earth as well as in heaven. God’s strength enables you to be satisfied and peaceful in all kind of circumstances. God provides more than our needs everyday but not in access till we learn to handle all things in His righteousness. Following God is not about your desires but what HE desired out of you and for you.

Matthew 4:4 Jesus answered,” Scripture says’ a man shall not live on bread alone, but on every word that God speaks.

God bless

Evan Ekta Prabhugaonkar